Why attend ICT4S ?

Objective of the conference

The goals of the conference are to foster critical and constructive discussion of new research results, and to bring diverse stakeholders together to identify and respond to grand challenges in the interplay between sustainability and digital technologies. The conference will feature roundtable discussions of new research, demos of new technologies, and poster presentations of late-breaking research results, along with inspiring keynote speakers and moderated challenge sessions for participants to explore and respond to big challenge questions about the role of technology in creating thriving, sustainable communities.

Opportunities for all

We expect to attract an international group of 150-200 researchers, students, technology specialists and decision-makers. The conference represents an opportunity to meet the leaders of tomorrow, as many graduate students engaged in ICT4S research come to the conference to present their work.

For companies: We invite you to come to ICT4S to showcase new and emerging technologies for sustainability, and/or to present challenge problems for the international community of researchers. The presentation setting is relatively informal, with a focus on interactions on technical and strategic issues, and the creation of new partnerships.

For government and public sector: We invite you to bring case studies and challenge problems to the conference, as examples of the dilemmas faced by decision-makers at all levels of government as society grapples with the challenge of creating sustainable communities while tackling global issues such as climate change, social equity, and human well-being. We will organise structured and moderated discussion sessions to allow the participants to explore the context for these dilemmas, and develop ideas for innovative solutions.

For researchers: We invite you to submit full research papers reporting on research, development, case studies and experience reports to the conference for peer-review, and abstracts for work to be presented in our poster sessions. Accepted papers and abstracts will appear in a fully indexed, open access conference proceedings, and authors will be invited to present their work at the conference either at one of our round-table discussion sessions (“conver-stations”) or as a poster.

For everyone: Come to the conference to network with other participants, and discuss new ideas and new challenges in ICT & sustainability!

Opportunities for Sponsorship

We welcome offers to sponsor the conference. Sponsors will have their names and logos displayed prominently on all conference publicity materials, including the conference website, signage at the conference, the conference proceedings, and on social media. Sponsorship also includes access to the full conference for members of your organization. If you want to sponsor a specific aspect of the conference (e.g. an evening reception, the conference banquet, a refreshment break, etc) please contact the conference general chair, Prof Jari Porras, Jari.Porras (at) lut.fi.