Getting to Lappeenranta


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Here are some recommendations. We choose the ones with least journey times. We do not take responsibility for changes in prices or schedules. Please make sure to check the arrival and departure time at the station.
There is a train connection from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to Lappeenranta. Journey time is usually between 2-2.5 hours.

How to purchase the ticket?
You can purchase the ticket online using
Alternatively, you can also purchase on arrival at the airport. Single tickets can be bought at the VR ticket machines located, in front of the entrance to the train station.
If you purchase the ticket online/ticket machines, please use
Departure: Helsinki airport and Arrival: Lappeenranta
You do not have to pay extra for Train from Airport to Tikkurila

One-way ticket cost 20-50 € (Note that many services offer cheaper prices when tickets are booked in advance). All major credit cards are accepted.

How to get to Lappeenranta?
Please follow the steps below to:
1. From the Helsinki Vantaa airport, first take the commuter train to Tikkurila train station.
– The entrance of the train station is in the corridor between the Terminal1 (After exiting baggage claim and custom area, take right and follow the sign to train station) and Terminal2 (After exiting baggage claim and custom area, take left and follow the sign to train station). It might take about 5-10min by walk after exiting the terminal.
* Follow the sign and instructions there might be some changes due to renovation.
– Airport to Tikkurila : P train

  • Travel time from the Airport to Tikkurila is about 10 minutes.
  1. Change the Train to Lappeenranta at Tikkurila terminal (It usually shows on screen destination: Imatra or Joensuu). Also, please check the train no. InterCity (X) or Pendolino (X).
  2. All trains and buses arrive at the Lappeenranta Travel Centre (“Matkakeskus” in Finnish).


If you feel like catching a bus instead of train you can use:

Journey time is about 3-4 hours depending upon the time and route.

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