Call for workshops

We invite workshop proposals of traditional or unconventional formats for half-day or full-day workshops.

Workshops can be held either before the conference on Monday, June 10th, and Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 or after the conference on Saturday, June 15th, depending on the workshop organizers and their wishes. The ACM Limits workshop will beheld  before the main conference on Monday and Tuesday and if you wish to avoid overlapping the Saturday after the conference provides a nice opportunity to continue the conference topics in the specialized workshops.

ICT4S’19 workshops will facilitate the exchange of new ideas in all areas related to sustainability and technology research and practice. A variety of formats can be considered, ranging from traditional research paper presentations to extremely interactive and participatory sessions. We particularly invite proposals that cover controversial viewpoints, emerging technology drivers or transformative ideas aimed at changing basic assumptions.

Deadlines: 15th November Extended 30th November 2018



Names of organisers.   Affiliations, emails (indicate corresponding)


  • Context
    • history (if there is one) of workshops in field

Key information

  • Title
  • Format
  • Intended audience (academics, industry etc)
  • Duration.   Half day/One day/Two days/Three(?)
  • Expected numbers.  Max?
  • Requirements
    • room arrangement (eg lecture style, small group tables, dance floor etc)
  • Anticipated costs (other than room, food, projector etc)
  • Preferred day(s)   Monday, Tuesday, Saturday   (we’re seeing Mon-Tues as the main workshop days but note that ACM Limits is on those days).


Short description suitable for website.  (3-4 lines).


Workshop Objectives

  • Preferably showing how they will be achieved by workshop activities
  • Questions to be addressed?


  • Target audience
  • Why should anyone want to attend?  What will they get out of attending?
  • Engagement plan, other than ICT4S website, how will you encourage people to attend?
  • Pre-workshop activities
  • If attendee numbers capped, how will you select participants?

Impact plan.  How will this workshop make a real difference?

  • Publication plan?   
    • If submission based, will you have a review process?
  • Real impact plan
    • Post-workshop activities

Workshop plan

  • Assume 4×90 minute sessions

Alignment with conference theme? (encouraged, not required)

Organiser bios, in particular activities relating to workshop topic, and previous workshop organising experience.


Please send your workshop proposals by email to Conference organizers Samuel Mann (Samuel.Mann (at) and Jari Porras (Jari.Porras (at)